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George Soros Leads Investors to Gold

It has been a long and successful ride for billionaire George Soros and he has been running one of the most successful hedge funds in the world for many years. Due to this history of success, when Soros makes a statement or takes an action the rest of the financial world takes notice. That is what happened recently when Soros and his company decided to dump a large portion of U.S. stocks and start to invest heavily in the gold market. It shows the value on that he has for gold and the lack of faith he has in the immediate future of the world markets.

George Soros has been preparing for the worst since the end of last year due to his belief that the current poor economic situation in China is going to have a negative effect on all of the world markets, even the U.S. Stock Exchange. His belief that the current transitions in China are debt fueled and will lead to a break down like the world saw in the United States in 2007-08. That makes gold an attractive alternative for Soros to invest in. In a government filing recently is was disclosed that the in a government filing that Soros Fund Management’s holdings were publicly disclosed as being down by 37% at the value of 3.5 billion.

This is because the fund has been starting to accumulate large interests in the gold markets by accumulating 1.05 million shares in SPDR Gold Trust as well as taking up a stake in Barrick Gold Corporation that is estimated to be worth $431 million as of the end of March 2016. It is believed that the value of gold is going to rise significantly because there is a large interest from the Chinese in acquiring gold that competition makes the market lucrative and it seems that Soros is out in front of the curve again. Read more on

This move is being supported by the financial moves are being supported by others as well, Stan Druckenmiller, a former Soros employee, is being aggressive in gold markets as well. George Soros is buying up as much of the commodity as possible and avoiding investments that involve the negative interest rates. Gold is providing a great initial return on investment as the value rose 16 percent in the first three months of the year. That marked the biggest gain in a single quarter since 1986. That also means that the value of Soros portion of Barrick is rising as well and it seems like he is doing it again, making a fortune.

George Soros is a Hungarian born billionaire who has managed one of the most successful hedge funds in history. George Soros is also a world renowned philanthropist giving back to many causes that work for the freedom of people in the world. He has established Open Society organizations in more than 100 countries around the world. These organizations work to protect the rights of people and to create transparency in government.

Queens of Drama: A Royal Spectacle

Queens of Drama is a scripted reality series laden with soap opera stars of past and present. The series’ cast boasts such legends as Donna Mills and Joan Collins, as well as familiar faces from daytime TV classics including Guiding Light and The Bold and the Beautiful, as well as primetime drama, Passions. The aptly named Queens of Drama is wrought with drama and intrigue as the all-female cast, save heartthrob Jason-Shane Scott of Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, work towards the creation and production of a new primetime show in response to the diminishing soap opera genre. As one would expect from both the title and the ladies who grace the cover photo, the creative process is stunted by backstabbing, cat fights, upstaging, and creative differences, all of which are old hat for this feisty cast. Crystal Hunt is one of the half-dozen ladies starring in the show and does her part in stirring the pot.

When the women enlist Donna Mills for her creative genius and extensive experience, some cast members, especially Vanessa Marcil, butt heads over Mills’ clashing concepts and Crystal Hunt makes a relatively benign suggestion to enlist Joan Collins, citing her prior on-stage relationship with Collins’ on Guiding Light. The proposal comes on the heels of her open-minded intimation that it would be beneficial to consider all options during this process. It is only when Collins’ makes a surprise cameo at a meeting of the minds that the ladies realize the close relationship and loyalty Collins shares with queen of the Queens, Donna Mills. Though she manages to fly under the radar throughout a good portion of season one, this introduction into the more private life of Crystal Hunt gives only a glimpse of this star’s portfolio.

Initially on the scene during her four-year stint as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light, Hunt earned an Emmy nomination as a teenager. She went on to even higher profile opportunities with roles in successful films, including the Derby Stallion opposite Zac Efron. Recently, she worked alongside stallions of a different sort in Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the popular male stripper movie, Magic Mike. On a more demure note, she also worked with Amanda Bynes on Sydney White, a modern spin on the classic fairytale, Snow White. The actress/producer demonstrates her extensive range in skill and genre most recently by producing upcoming horror film, Talbot County with her best friend Dania Ramirez from Devious Maids.

Ironically, in this series chronicling Hunt’s contribution to generate a primetime show, her extensive scope will only prove to add to an already hefty Hollywood resume. Queens of Drama delivers its viewers the drama and insight they have come to love and expect from their beloved actors and actresses, and Hunt doesn’t disappoint.